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Ready to help you with all your criminal defense legal matters.

Criminal Law Experience in Hearings, Trials, and Appeals

For matters of criminal law concerning adults and youths, you can look to Ram Shankar for sound advice and experience in court. Be assured that you will have a lawyer in Ram, who listens to you carefully.
Ask for a consultation about the area of criminal law relevant to your situation, including:

  •  Domestic assaults

  •  Impaired Driving

  •  Fraud & other white-collar crime

  •  Assault & other violent offences

  •  Theft & other property offences

  •  Youth Court matters

  •  Charter of Rights applications

  •  Civil liberties & human rights actions & issues

If you are charged with a criminal offence, you need the right representation. The consequences of a criminal conviction can be devastating, so choosing the right criminal lawyer will be one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.


Ram Shankar is the easy choice for one simple reason: I negotiate effectively and obtain a resolution that is favorable to you.


Count on our team for exceptional, innovative, and fearless defense of all criminal charges, from the simplest to  the most complex.

Our Criminal Practice Areas

I am experienced in defending a variety of criminal offences, ranging from the simplest thefts and domestic assaults through to major drug conspiracies and homicides. Some of the most common areas in which I practice are:

  •  Domestic Assault

  •  Sexual Assault

  •  Impaired Driving and other Driving Offences

  •  Threatening

  •  Fraud

  •  Theft

  •  Drug Possession, Trafficking, and Importation

  •  Search Warrants and Wiretaps

  •  Bail Hearings and Bail Reviews


We defend criminal charges in the following areas:

Assault is defined under the Criminal Code as the intentional application of direct or indirect force on another person without consent. Each case has its own complexity and one should seek proper legal advice from a criminal defense lawyer. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your concerns. We provide practical solutions and work closely with clients to build a strong defence against assault allegations including sexual and domestic assault.

White Collar Crimes include but are not limited to frauds, forgeries, embezzlement and bribery. Such crimes are often characterized by intensive planning and transactions involving large sums of money. You need a criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights and reputation if white collar crime charges have been instituted against you.

Young Offenders These crimes include charges that are instituted against adolescents. The Youth Criminal Justice Act governs how most of these cases are dealt with. It focuses on the “justice” model realizing the responsibilities and rights of youth. If your child is facing charges as a young offender it is advisable to consult a criminal lawyer who has experience dealing with such cases.

Theft is simply defined as taking possession of property that does not belong to you. Although theft is one of the most common crimes in Canada, the penalties can have far-reaching effects on your reputation, stop you from gaining entry into certain professions and leave you with a criminal record. Seeking a criminal lawyer to assist with your charge(s) is recommended.

Public Mischief usually involves charges for harming or rendering someone’s property unusable. You should consult a criminal lawyer to determine the most appropriate defense to such allegations.

Impaired Driving/ DUI/ Over 80 Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI) or driving with more than 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood are serious criminal offences which not only include heavy penalties but may have long term consequences for your reputation and employment. Ram Shankar can help you provide the most suitable and practical advice on how to deal with drunk driving or impaired driving offences in Owen Sound, Port Elgin, Walkerton, and surrounding areas.

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