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Don't Change the Status Quo Based on the COVID-19 Excuse!

In this decision just released, the Court refuted the stance of the mother that there was a need to diverge from the pre-pandemic status quo and move to a new parenting regime which had unfortunately reduced time for the father.

The Court correctly noted that the pre-pandemic time of equal parenting time ought to be respected. The Court did not want the COVID-19 pandemic to be made as an excuse to reduce time from one of the parents, especially being done on a unilateral basis.

Apart from making arguments on this case, we had to undertake a lot of caselaw research to back our position through written arguments to convince the Court that it would not be the best interest of the children to reduce time from the father. The Court accepted our position.

This is the high-level quality and research that a client can be assured of while utilizing the services of our office.

We are happy to serve clients all over Ontario through our three physical locations in Port Elgin, Owen Sound and Wiarton. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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