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Hourly Rate
My standard hourly rate ranges from $200.00/hour to $ 275, depending on the complexity of the case. This does not include extra fees that may accumulate which we call disbursements. HST of 13% is to be added to the hourly fee.
For some matters, my assistants will be assisting you in your matters. The hourly rate is $110.00/hour to $150.00/hour for a legal assistant/ paralegal, again depending on the complexity of the case.
For all non-Legal Aid cases,  an upfront retainer of is generally expected. Alternatively, I am open to putting in place a viable payment plan that is affordable to you and reasonable to me.
For Standard Real Estate Transactions:


Purchase (with out mortgage)   $750.00

Purchase with mortgage          $1,050.00

Sales (without discharge of mortgage)  $850.00 plus disurements and HST

Sale with Mortage discharge      $1150.00 plus disbursements and HST

Disburement Costs (subject to change)​​

Registration/Discharge of Mortgage     $74.28

WRIT Certificates                                      $14.00 per name/each

Title Search                                               $38.00 and up (depending on the property

                                                                     size etc.)

Title Insurance                                          ~$150.00 - $427.00 (depending on property issues etc.)

Municipal Tax/Bylaw Certificates           Based upon Municipality (if needed)

Print/Copy                                                  $15.00 (for typical file)

Fax                                                               $25.00 (for typical file)

Courier                                                        per cost set by Federal Express

Certified Cheque Fee                                $10.00 each

Transaction Levy (Law Society)                $65.00 (not charged for Title insured transactions or love and affection transactions

Other costs may arise from time to time depending on the purchase and sale agreements and other land title issues that may arise. The price above are contingent upon the size of the property and or individual transactions, therefore subject to change.

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